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I don’t think it’s a coincidence that Jody helped me grow immensely in two areas that were once well out of my comfort zone–camera technique and improv. Though Jody has had his own accomplished acting career, he always puts complete focus on developing the actors in his classroom in a safe environment for learning and risk taking. Though I am only a couple months out of school, I have booked a number of on CAMERA gigs that required IMPROV in the audition process. Let’s just say I’m grateful to have had Jody as a teacher, and reassured to have worked with someone who so genuinely cares about us as people.

Lindsay Mushett NYC Student


 Jody is nothing short of excellent. His knowledge of the craft and skills/focus in improvisation enable you to develop a deeper, more personal connection to the work. Not only will your art benefit tremendously from his teachings, but you will make a great friend and maintain a solid connection with someone who knows all about the business.  Thank you, Jody!

Colby Howell NYC Student



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JW Actor’s Studio is for anyone aged 8 through adult for professional training in acting, improvisation, comedy, and voice over. In addition to our original studio in Princeton, NJ we now have a studio in New York City for students age 17 + seeking to become professionals and for professional working actors to have a place to continue to work their craft and to call “home.”  If you are truly serious about being the best you can possibly be or are a parent looking for that extra professional edge for your child—on stage, on television or film, behind the microphone, or to increase confidence in the classroom, or at the speaker’s podium—you will benefit from our guidance. Director Jody Wood is an actor/director with over 30 years of professional experience. He knows first-hand what it takes to be a “working actor,” sketch comic, voice over artist, and to master the art of of speaking in public. He will guide you to overcome the fear of, and excel at Improv. Our workshops are designed to ensure each student will feel very safe in knowing you can tap into your creativity where no one is judging you. If you’re willing to work we will pull out the very best from you…Guaranteed!

A well-trained actor speaks and behaves truthfully in the imaginary circumstances.

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