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NYC Fall 2017  NYC Class

JWAS Acting/Improv Workout

Tuesdays Beginning September 19th, 2017

Space is limited so call today!


 Princeton Studio Classes 

Intro to Acting (ages 7-10) Saturdays 9:30-10:30am Begins Saturday, September 9th!


 Acting  (ages 10-14) 11am-1pm Begins Saturday, September 9th!


*Company Class 2* (ages 15-17)

1:30–3:30 pm Begins Saturday, September 9th!

*(by invitation/audition only)*


New Class! Acting for Film and Television (ages 12-17) Wednesdays 6:00-8:00 pm Starting Date TBD


Adult Classes (ages 18 +)

Intermediate/Advanced Level Thursdays 7-9 pm

Begins September 14th!


Call 609-240-7080 for details!



Private Sessions:

$95.00 per hour

Fall 2017 Classes:

New York Classes @  Ripley Grier Studios 520 8th Ave, between 36th and 37th

Fridays Acting/Improv Intensive Workouts: 3:00pm -5:00pm

Begins September 6th $495.00 10 sessions

Princeton Classes @ Princeton Montessori School 487 Cherry Valley Rd. Princeton, NJ 08540

Tuesdays: Adult Acting/Improv Workshop Beginner/Intermediate Level 7-9 pm

Begins September 12th $595.00 12 sessions

Wednesdays: Acting for Film and Television (ages 12-17) 5:30-7:30pm  

Begins September 13th $595.00 12 sessions

Thursdays: Adult Acting/Improv Workshop Advanced Level 7-9 pm  

Begins September 14th $595.00 12 sessions

Saturdays: Intro to Acting (ages 7-10) 9:30-10:30am $495.00 12 sessions

Advanced Acting (ages 10-14) 11am-1:00pm September 2017 thru May 2018 $1,895.00*

Company Class 2 (ages 14-17) 1:30-3:30pm September 2017 thru May 2018 $2,150.00*

Master/Company Class (ages 14-17) 3:45-5:45pm September 2017 thru May 2018 $1,995.00*

* Payment Plan Available


If you have any questions or would like further information please contact us at:

609-240-7080 or email us at

Class Descriptions

NYC Studio

10 Session Intensive Workout (2 Hours) Fridays 3-5pm

This will be a highly intense “actor’s workout” workshop for professionals and for advanced actors entering the profession. We will focus on keeping in “shape” and sharpening all of the tools necessary for success in the industry. Weekly classes will focus a different aspect of the craft, Including improvisation as a tool for discovery, voice over, monologues, scene study, cold readings, audition technique, acting for film & television, comedy improv and more. This class is not for the faint of heart! You will leave each week feeling like you just had the greatest acting workout ever!

Princeton, NJ Studio

Fall 2017

Intro to Acting

This workshop is for students ages 7-10 who are just learning about acting. We will focus on stretching the imagination and improvisation as a tool to help develop truth and spontaneity. We will learn how to do monologues and short scenes and we will have a lot of fun doing it!

Advanced Acting

Our Advanced Acting Class for teens  continues to grow in popularity. The young actors are introduced to the world of advanced technique. Students from this class have been able to develop a real sense of how to make specific techniques work individually for them and their unique style. The workshop explores the individual actor while allowing for understanding the importance of the ensemble. This is an intensive workshop on acting utilizing some of the most advanced techniques. This is truly about committing to being the very best actor one can be. This workshop is designed to have the actor evolve in many aspects of the craft so they can bring their skills to any outside productions etc that they may be involved in or that they wish to be involved in either at school, community theaters, or , yes, even Broadway! 

Master / Company Class

This class is run at a higher intensity level for students who have been through at least 2 years of Advanced training and meet the age requirement. We require as much of a commitment to this class as possible regarding attendance and preparedness. We will work on a review of techniques and exercises so everyone is on the same page. we will then advance deeper into the work through specialized exercises and assignments etc. We will begin rehearsals for our scenes/short plays presentation after the holiday break.


JWAS Company 2 Class:

This is our highest level class to date and is by invitation or audition only. This is not for the faint of heart. We realize that at this level we will be having students attending who will be making college visits and preparing for that next phase of their lives. We also understand that students have other commitments as well but we do ask that each student accepted into this class vow to be as committed as possible.  We have learned over the last few years that some students have much more of a commitment level than others. I have been approached by a number of students who would like to take their training to the highest level with a deeper commitment to the process and to attendance. This class, which includes highly advanced techniques, scene study, monologues, writing, character development, vocal production, movement, seminars, performances, and much more will help round out your approach to the work. We will meet on Saturdays for 32 sessions and there may be a few times during the year where we’ll meet during the week depending on where we are in the rehearsal process or if a special guest artist would need to be booked on another day other than Saturday. Once a month we will be joined by a film director who will assist Jody in an acting on camera class. Each student in the class will know that they are working with like minded actors who take the craft very seriously and are striving to be the very best they can be! This students in this workshop will have the privilege of having top professional guest speakers joining us as well. We will have a performance of a series of short plays at the end of the session. 

Acting/Improvisation Intensive for Adults Beginner/Intermediate Level

Our Acting/Improvisation workshop for adults is designed to ease the fear of improv and theater games by allowing the student to develop the skills in a really fun, supportive atmosphere. We have seen so many students enter the program not really sure of what to expect of themselves or the class and then decide they had to move on to our advanced classes.  This class will also focus on various techniques for actors to allow them to go deeper into the work when working on our scenes etc. Techniques taught in this workshop will include improvisation as a tool for actors, Meisner’s Repetition Technique, which allows actors take the focus off of themselves and place it onto their partner, by working off of their partner’s “Behavior.” We will also include Sensory work, 4th wall, Uta Hagen’s 9 “Questions,” Stage Combat, Working with “Activity” on stage, and so much more. This class will help the student become a more well rounded actor who will be able to make “informed” choices when developing their characters, or as we refer to them here at JWAS, human beings who need to live, breathe, and speak! TRUTHFULLY! 

Acting/Improvisation Intensive for Adults Advanced Level

Our Advanced Level Class for adults is for students who have experience in the theater or have completed at least 2 of our Beginner/Intermediate classes. We will raise the bar much higher in this class as we develop stronger technique through advanced improvisation exercises/games, increased focus on Character Development, Sensory work, Emotional Recall, Working with Activity, Substitution, Relationships, Obstacles, Proper Rehearsal Technique, and much more! 

“All of our workshops at JW actors studio focus on the work; the process one needs to experience in order to be the best they can be. To be a really truthful, honest actor is to embark on a journey that is not completed in a short amount of time. It takes commitment, discipline, and the ability to give it your all. One needs to be able to unlock their inhibitions, be open to new challenges and to let themselves really tap into and trust their creativity. If one is not willing to commit to being the best they can be then perhaps we are not the right place for you. For those seeking to be professional actors or for individuals looking to use these skills in other areas of life, I guarantee you’ll benefit from allowing me to guide you along this path.”

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For any further information please contact JW Actors Studio at 609-240-7080 or email us at