SKIT Special Kids Improvisational Theater

JW actors studio is proud to introduce SKIT…

Special Kids Improvisational Theater

Our Social Skills, Communication, and Collaboration Program for Students with Autism Spectrum Disorder, Asperger’s Syndrome and other Special Needs.

JWAS has developed SKIT, a new program for Special Needs Students . Inspired by a father of a current student in the Spring of this year, founder Jody Wood began researching best practices for developing programs for students not only with ASD but also Asperger’s Syndrome as well as many other Special Needs students.

Jody developed an initial program in late Winter/early Spring of 2017 and was able to run it at the Galloway Middle School’s FUN (Friends United Now) after school program in Galloway Township, NJ. The results were amazing. The students loved it and more importantly were very engaged! The professionals who participated or were observing were very impressed with the results. They said that they had never seen such a connection among the group. They were impressed by the fact that the students were able to quickly let their guard down and feel safe enough to participate. That is a tribute to the atmosphere we created but also to the improv exercises themselves, which are designed to allow students to let go, let loose, and Communicate, Listen, Innovate, and Collaborate!

Jody was especially struck by the fact that most young adults or adults with ASD or Asperger’s Syndrome have a very high unemployment rate and an extremely high “under employment” rate mostly because they lack critical listening and social skills. Our program’s goal is to stop that right in it’s tracks. While we will be working with all ages through adulthood utilizing our programs, we aim to nip these issues in the bud as we work with the younger students as well. 

Our programs are specifically designed to establish a safe, creative atmosphere where students can just be themselves. Where “mistakes” don’t matter. In Improvisation many “Happy Mistakes” lead to wonderful results!

Our True Social Skills Training program focuses on: 

  • Listening
  • Building on Ideas
  • Creating Meaningful Conversation
  • Relieving the Stress of “How to Respond”
  • Comfort with Being the “Center of Attention”
  • Developing and Holding Onto Meaningful Relationships
  • And Much More!

If you are a parent of a person with ASD, Asperger’s Syndrome, or other Special Needs please contact us and we’ll be happy to discuss how our workshops will make a huge difference in your students life. If you are an educator or  someone who is looking for something new and great that already has proven results, please contact us to see how we can work together to implement a program in your school or be an awesome addition to your after school programs.

Ask us about about our weekly classes at various locations throughout the state and beyond!

Contact us at: 609-240-7080 today!


From Sue Ferguson: Director of the FUN (Friends United Now) a Special Needs Program at Galloway Township Middle School: 

That was the best FUN Club ever! Can we do it again next week?” exclaimed Jared as he dashed out of the classroom.  He was late for his bus, along with the fifteen other students who had just attended Jody Wood’s improv class that afternoon.  They did not want to leave!  For the past hour, 7th and 8th graders with autism from a program entitled Friends United Now – F.U.N of Galloway Township Middle School, laughed and socialized with each other through the guidance of Jody’s workshop.  At the beginning of class, some of the students acted withdrawn and apprehensive but that did not last long.  Jody had a way of allowing them to relax.  He lead them through a series of exercises that strengthened listening and communication skills.  The students responded positively, engaged in the activities and interacted with each other.  I believe that Jody’s improv classes would be a valuable tool for students with autism.  It would give them the opportunity to practice social skills and develop friendships along the way.   And it’s just plain FUN!


Sue Ferguson: Director of Friends United Now of Galloway Township Public Schools, NJ

Coming Soon…Check out some clips from one of our workshops!